A Thickness of Particulars: The Poetry of Anthony Hecht by jonathan f. s. post:             a review by Adrienne Leavy 

review of   A Thickness of Particulars: The Poetry of Anthony Hecht
onathan f. s. post…..

“In the spring of 1943, while studying at Columbia, Hecht enlisted in the army. In 1945, his division landed in France and moved through Europe as part of the final campaign against the German forces. In April, Hecht was involved in the liberation of the concentration camp at Flossenburg in Bavaria, an experience that ensured the “ongoing place of war and suffering in his poetry.” Quoting Randall Jarrell’s remark that “the real war poets are always war poets, peace or any time” (which Colin Tóibín subsequently applied to Hecht), Post demonstrates how this harrowing experience suffuses Hecht’s body of work.”


Source: Catwalks through the Middle Realms of Heaven | Adrienne Leavy | First Things

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