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Enabling giving, based on sound evidence

Giving Evidence works to get charitable giving based on sound evidence. It was founded by Caroline Fiennes, an acclaimed author and former award-winning charity CEO with over 10 years experience advising donors and charities. We work on improving the ‘system’ across charities and philanthropy, and advising donors and foundations on an individual basis.
Caroline FiennesOur work on the system includes improving the amount & quality of evidence about charities’ effectiveness which is published (as opposed to unavailable), robust,findable, and clear. We work on those four areas. We’re doing ground-breaking work looking at non-publication of charities’ research; we’re working with a foundation toassess and improve the quality of research by charities they fund; and we’re working to make research by charities in criminal justice more findable and clearer.   We take many lessons from the way that evidence is produced and organised in medicine.

We are working to research (i.e., generate evidence on) what donor practices are most effective, and how to get donors to do them. We’re writing a paper on this with the University of Chicago, and a case study of good practice with the InterAmerican Foundation.



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